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Are You a Good Fit?

My team rejects far more people than accept, precisely because most people are NOT a good fit. For me, it’s not about who has the most money or the flashiest lifestyle. Rather, I like to work with people who are nice, fun to work with, and who are committed. Actually getting results is the fun part.

With that said, you’re likely a good fit if:

You’re Committed. Working with me isn’t cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than staying where you are. I work exclusively with people for whom I can earn an excellent ROI. I’m 100% committed to your success. You also need to be 100% committed to doing what it takes to succeed.

You’re Coachable. I’ve honed my diagnostic process after working with hundreds of people like you. My job is to consider all of your needs and wants. That said, there are times I will tell you “You need to do THIS”, and you need to be ready to listen if you want to succeed.

You’re Ethical. My approach involves doing things the 100% legal, 100% right way. I keep my promies and expect you to, as well. If you don’t believe in keeping your word, I won’t help you.

Yes, Nikk! I want your help

They started right here, too…

“I would have a quesition, he would come to my table and literally go through through every little step no matter how long it takes”

“Very thankful Nikk is the one and only person I ever contacted to trade. I have the tools that I need to do what I want now and in the future.”